Panorama I

The Panorama programme is a wide-ranging overview of the animated films shortlisted for entry at competitions but full deserving of their berth at the festival.

It should also be noted that Panorama is meant for both animation fans and audiences for whom animation is still undiscovered territory.

55 Socks

55 Chaussettes
Canada, Netherlands 2011
Director: Co Hoedeman
Producer: Musivision, Coconino, National Film Board of Canada

1944-1945. The last winter of the war in occupied Holland. There’s nothing to eat in the cities but a few turnips or tulip bulbs. During the long, cold winter of hunger, bartering is the only way to survive. Having no alternative, a mother and her young daughter, and the two Jewish women they are secretly sheltering, decide to sacrifice a beautiful bedspread and use the wool to make socks.

Fixing Luka

Fixing Luka
Great Britain 2011
Director: Jessica Ashman
Producer: DigiCult

In a cottage beside a forest, Lucy and Luka live with their parents. Every day, Luka drives his sister mad as he happily performs obsessive, nonsensical routines with sugar cubes and thimbles. Lucy thinks her brother is broken but when she’s given the chance to fix him, will she take it? Based on the directors personal experience of growing-up with an autistic brother, Fixing Luka is a tale of hope, determination and acceptance.

Teddy Goldblatt

Teddy Goldblatt
Great Britain 2010
Director: Rob Munday
Producer: Suzy Milburn

One lemon’s psychedelic odyssey through a post-apocalyptic London. We follow the adventures of Teddy Goldblatt, a lemon with legs, as he moves between the desolate landscape of the Regent’s Canal and beyond, into a strange land where his new found desires become startlingly real. Accompanying Teddy are two equally odd survivors…

New Hippie Future

New Hippie Future
Croatia 2011
Director: Dalibor Baric
Producer: Bonobostudio

In a surreal and psychedelic atmosphere this film deals with life, freedom and transcendence of limitations.

Strange Invention

Cudnovati izum
Croatia 2010
Director: Dino Krpan
Producer: Bonobostudio

Once upon a time, before film and TV were invented, there was an Inventor possessed by the idea of moving pictures on the piece of paper.

Heroic Parrot With the Dog

Bohaterska Papuga z psem
Poland 2010
Director: Marcin Slawek
Producer: Fundacja Moma Film

A fire breaks out in a tenement house in Brzeska Street in Praga, a district of Warsaw. Its youngest inhabitants, led by Parrot, a brave little girl, accompanied by her faithful companion, Dog, are trying to save the district from burning.

The House

Das Haus
Germany 2011
Director: David Buob
Producer: Kulturstiftung des freistaades Sachsen

The dream of the little girl is to care for her grandmother, but aunt and mother do not let her do so. There is just one way out.

The Good the Beauty and Truth

Dobro, piekno i prawda
Poland 2011
Director: Balbina Bruszewska
Producer: Polish Film Institute

It is a story about modern world where interest in good, beauty and truth is loses with cheap sensation, drama of explosions, shooting and other “more interesting” things. It’s a story of a man who carries an idealized vision of the world, standing for his ideals and trying to transfer it to others. A Good Man suffers defeat in his naïve fight for good. However, in the end, the a glimmer of hope arise…

Mendelssohn is on the roof

Mendelssohn est sur le toit
Czech Republic, France 2011
Director: Jean-Jacques PRUNÈS
Producer: Les Films de l'Arlequin

Prague 1942, Reinhard Heydrich, a true music lover and the « guardian » of Bohemia Moravia, suddenly realizes that the statue of Jewish composer Mendelssohn occupies a place of honour among the musicians on the roof of the Academy of Music. It must be taken down. But which of the statues is him?


Germany, Spain 2011
Director: Danae Diaz, Patricia Luna
Producer: Danae Diaz

In a mechanical world of men, a mass of identical people start their day with coffee. At a certain point of a typical working day, one of them wants a break from his routine.

Mr Tetelin

O kos Tetelin
GR 2010
Director: Lily Kontodima
Producer: Lily Kontodima

Mr Tetelin buys a new pair of pants but life is a wicked dressmaker...

I Was Two

Man do nafar budam
IR 2012
Director: Shiva Sadegh Assadi
Producer: Shiva Sadegh Assadi

A girl refuges to her picture in the mirror from the busy city.