Panorama II

The Panorama programme is a wide-ranging overview of the animated films shortlisted for entry at competitions but full deserving of their berth at the festival.

It should also be noted that Panorama is meant for both animation fans and audiences for whom animation is still undiscovered territory.


Canada, Netherlands 2011
Director: Paul Driessen
Producer: National Film Board of Canada

To Oedipus, women are an enigma. Why, with her bothersome husband finally out of the way, did his mistress inexplicably run off? Don’t lose your head, thinks Oedipus. Just try to understand. And so the valiant young milkman embarks on an introspective journey, a process of self-discovery and regression in which he retraces the path of his life.

Captain Hu

Kapitän Hu
CH 2011
Director: Basil Vogt
Producer: Trickbüro

After a violent storm Captain Hu is stranded with his ship in the Alps. A helpful farmer finds new uses for the deep-sea equipment. However, Captain Hu draws the line at that.

The Resale Right

Le droit de suite
France 2011
Director: Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet
Producer: TVPaint Developpement SARL

The art market is doing very nicely at the moment – and yet the artist’s resale right is under threat! But what exactly is the artist’s resale right? To illustrate what is at stake we will see that Mr Art Dealer finds sharing hard and the Artist needs continuous protection to be able to… create art!

Independent Mind

Independéncia de Espírito
Portugal 2011
Director: Marta Monteiro
Producer: Sardinha em lata

Clélia is a woman who is comfortable with her solitude. With it, she fills her Lisbon house, patio and garden. She attends to her plants and one day, almost without noticing, she begins talking to them... What am I doing? Now I’m talking to flowers?! The reply comes from her neighbour who talks to her pots and pans...

The Lost Town of Switez

Canada, Denmark, France, Poland, CH 2010
Director: Kamil Polak
Producer: Human Ark

Film is based on the 19th century epic poem by Poland's greatest writer, Adam Mickiewicz, about a ghostly town deluged after a bloody massacre in medieval times, which now lies at the bottom of a remote lake. It is an apocalyptic tale of destruction, religious miracles and spectral visitations.

Second Hand

Second Hand
Canada 2011
Director: Isaac King
Producer: Isaac King

The term "second hand" refers to the ticking hand on a clock; it also describes re-used items. Would you rather save time? Or save stuff? This film examines the imbalance and waste created by these modern obsessions.

Auntie Nettle

Тетушка Крапива
Russia 2010
Director: Svetlana Zueva
Producer: Vladimir Gassiev

Frightening story with happy finale about the girl.

Black Swan

Black Swan
Israel 10
Director: guy harlap
Producer: Guy Harlap

‏Animation music video representing the associative stream of ‏Consciousness inspired by the rhythm and lyrics of the song "Black Swan" by Thom Yorke.

Tomato Story

Tomato Story
Russia 2010
Director: tatiana poliektova, olga poliektova
Producer: Galina Perveeva

Film about two old women who quarreled because of their tomatoes which they grew up on common balcony.

The Gloaming

The Gloaming
France 2011
Director: - Nobrain
Producer: Autour de Minuit

A character creates a world that is beyond his control. Civilization and its accelerated evolution.