Awards announced!


The winners of the awards of 13th Animation Film Festival Animated Dreams were announced on Saturday, 19th of November at the award ceremony in Sõprus Cinema.

For the third time ever monetary prizes were given out this year. The winner of the Grand Prix, in addition to the Wooden Wolf made by Estonian puppet masters, received 1000 euros. The students of Estonian Academy of Arts’ animation department gave out their award for the first time as well – the „Brain-tap” inspired by Animated Dreams logo.

The international jury members Anna Solanas (Spain), Nobuaki Doi (Japan) and Andres Mänd (Estonia) decided to hand out the festival awards as follows:

Grand Prix – Wooden Wolf (1000 euros)

The External World

Germany 2010, 15’

Director: David O’Reilly

The film is aggressively funny and full of surprises, and invents a totally new and unique world itself.

Best Design


Italy 2010, 8’27’’

Director: Alessandro Bavari

Film uses the CGI animation in a very original and personal way, catching the audience with an impressive and constantly evoluting graphics.

Best Story

Body Memory

Estonia 2011, 9’

Directors: Ülo Pikkov

Award for the best story goes to a film that with a very few elements build a strong, touching and intelligent developed tale based on a tragic true story.

Jury’s Special Mentioning I

In a Pig’s Eye / Wakaranaibuta

Japan 2010, 10’10’’

Director: Atsushi Wada

For classically refined design and intelligent observation on human nature.

Jury’s Special Mentioning II

Muybridge’s Strings

Canada, Japan 2011, 12’40’’

Director: Koji Yamamura

For graphical richness for conveying the sadness of passing time.

Award for the best film by Estonian Academy of Arts’ animation students – “Brain-tap”


Slovakia 2010, 25’03’

Director: Katarina Kerekesova

We were stunned by its distinctive sense of humor.

Audience award

The External World

Germany 2010, 15’

Director: David O’Reilly


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