LAIKA and CALF @ AnimaCampus


LAIKA’s marketing manager Mark Shapiro and Nobuaki Doi from Japanese independent animation label CALF will be presenting their work at AnimaCampus.

To add flavour and different perspective for the European way of producing animation, American animation studio LAIKA has been invited to present their work at AnimaCampus. LAIKA’s marketing manager Mark Shapiro will carry out a behind-the-scenes case study about LAIKA’s Coraline, the first stop-motion feature to be conceived and photographed in stereoscopic 3D.

Mark will also present time-lapse imagery and short vignettes that detail the major undertaking involved in the making-of this Oscar-nominated feature. He will also hold a meet-the-expert session discussing branding strategies and marketing integration as it relates to global companies, films and products.

As this year's Animated Dreams sets the programme spotlight on Japanese indie animaton, then we have also confirmed Nobuaki Doi from Japanese independent animation label CALF as one of the highlight lecturers of AnimaCampus!

More AnimaCampus details coming soon, full programme will be unveiled in the end of October!

Photo: still from "Coraline" / Courtesy Focus Features 


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