Meatplant in future Tokyo


Animated Dreams will be screening the hand-drawn feature masterpiece "Midori-ko" by Keita Kurosaka - a mystical bio-environmental sci-fi story told in 20,000 surreal and wonderful images. 

In anticipation of the coming food crisis, five scientists are working to develop a “dream food,” one that is both meat and vegetable. But, progress in the laboratory, located amidst a derelict shopping district, has hit a dead end. One day, in the wee hours of the night, a pillar of light penetrates the lab. This is the light of a special starry sky that graces the Earth only once every ten thousand years. The scientists are overjoyed at what the light’s tremendous force has produced: the dream food that is Midori-ko. But Midori-ko has no intention of being eaten and instead flies away, escaping the lab.

Desperate in their search, the scientists eventually determine that Midori-ko is being taken care of by an agricultural studies student living in the same neighborhood. The scientists try to steal Midori-ko back. But Midori keeps her guard high and Midori-ko out of their grasp. Instead, it’s the apartment residents with their healthy appetites who try to eat Midori-ko at any chance they get! Finally, a ravenous battle over Midori-ko erupts between the scientists, Midori, and the apartment dwellers.


Keita Kurosaka (1956) is an animator and a Professor in the Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Tokyo's Musashino Art University. Across his career, Kurosaka has explored various methods of animation including drawing, photography, and sculpture and has also produced video clips, installation pieces, and comics.


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