Night programme: Love, sex and desire


Animated Dreams will once again be filling up two of the festival's sleepless nights with a special programme dedicated to sexuality and relationships. The first seance of the night programme "Love, sex and desire" goes along with the main focus of this year's festival, screening bits of old-school and experimental Japanese indie-animation. It's a quirky mix of the raw power of the unconscios, spicy sense of humor and freaky bizarre rather than epic romance, lining up self-explanatory titles such as "Love", "Animal Zoo" and "Love of Kemeko" (1968) by Yoju Kuri, "Penis" by Hirabayashi Isamu and "Fetish Doll" by Keiichi Tanaami among others.

 The second night of the programme will be screening Wonderland: The Trouble With Love and Sex (BBC 2011). The first full-length animated documentary made for British television takes us inside the counselling rooms of Relate, as clients wrestle with champagne soaked fantasies and impotence, with dark family secrets and shocking confessions of infidelity. With their true identities hidden behind the animation, thirty-somethings Ian and Mandy reveal they can barely stand to be in the same room together. Long-term singleton and serial romantic Dave is falling in love with yet another woman he can't bring himself to ask out. And fifty-one year old Iain is struggling to work out why his wife isn't having sex with him. Can Relate counselling help any of them?


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