Secret Club Night


Although the festival hasn't even started yet it's already the right time to talk a bit about the grande finale of Animated Dreams and AnimaCampus.

Secret Club Night is a not at all bitter end for the festival in the form of a party. There are plenty of reasons to put on your dancing shoes. Rhytm Doctor, Ilmajaam, Jänes&Kass, Les Beat and Tõnis Hiiesalu don't need introduction for the local crowd. Also, Vladislav Delay and Kangding Ray pay a visit to our super-secret party.

Kangding Ray - in real life also known as David Letellier - was born in France in 1978 and is based in Berlin. Letellier evolved as a guitarist and drummer in various bands whose influences ranged from rock and pop to jazz before moving into electronic music.

His music is situated at the crossroads of "digitality" and sensitivity. In his compositions, melodies combine with machine sounds in a subtle and rythmic suite. 


Sasu Ripatti, in the shadow of his pseudonym Vladislav Delay, is a drummer and electronic musician from Finland. Known for uniquely distorted takes on a variety of electronic music, his signature sound is often infused with elements of dub, pop and ambient experimental sounds. It combines arrhythmic structures with aleatory elements and sensual, layered textures.


Secret Club Night takes place November 19, the doors open at 22.00. The location is still secret, so pay attention to our Facebook page or ask for more information the same day from PÖFF information desk.

Tickets from the door. With the ticket of Animated Dreams or AnimaCampus discount ticket 6€, without 8€. 


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