Bringing Animation and Visual Effects Together at Trixter - Dietrich Hasse (Germany)

* In cooperation with FMX.

Every recipe has carefully chosen ingredients; the same logic applies to being able to offer premium animation and visual effects services. Over the course of 10 years, Trixter has refined and cultivated its interactive ingredients to ensure the shortest development cycles with the highest quality outcome. Visual effects supervisor Dietrich Hasse will specify these ingredients at Trixter and will present a variety of visual samples of recent projects that especially bring animation and visual effects together. Since 1998, Trixter has been creating outstanding visual effects and digital character animation for feature films, television and commercials. From the early days, Trixter established itself as a major player in the field of emotive character animation. Over the past few years, Trixter has expanded its expertise by branching out into visual effects and has recently accomplished work for German and international projects such as Lilly The Witch, Iron Man 2, X-Men: First Class, Captain America and many more. Trixter has offices in Munich, Berlin and Los Angeles.

Dietrich Hasse

Dietrich Hasse

Dietrich Hasse has worked for a wide variety of feature films and television productions since 1998 holding positions such as Sequence Animation Lead at Weta Digital for King Kong, Previz Supervisor and Animation Lead for Bully’s Lissy und der wilde Kaiser and Animation Supervisor at VFX Production Company/Los Angeles. Transferring his expertise as an industrial designer into animation and VFX, he very quickly became a missing link between creative and technical aspects within CG productions. In 2007 he joined Trixter as a VFX and CG Supervisor with an additional responsibility for 3d pipeline development. Hasse was recently in charge of the CG Supervision on Lilli The Witch 2 and the Stereoscopic Supervision on the complex 3D conversion of shots from Narnia 3 and The Green Hornet.